Sunday, June 27, 2010

overtaken by a rush of emotion.

while i was getting ready today i was overtaken by, as nienie states it, a rush of emotion.

while i was doing my hair.. i thought of my grandma taylor.

my thoughts raced instantly back to Thanksgiving break 2008. while in the denver airpot i got a call from my dad.

"we won't be picking you up today from the airport. grandma had a stroke and is in the hospital."

i started bawling. right then and there... in the crowded denver airport.

about five days later it is now Thanksgiving day, grandma was allowed to leave the hospital for a short period of time... simply to enjoy the good ol' turkey dinner.

i rush over to my grandma's house with my curling iron in my hand.

as my grandma sits in her favorite recliner, i curl her hair.
"grandma, i'm going to make you look beautiful"

this simple memory flooded my thoughts as i was fixing my own hair.


i can still hear her voice.. one of my most cherished sounds on this earth.

i can still see her smile... her laugh... the glow in her eyes.

sometimes when i walk by a smoker, i pause briefly.. full of nostalgia.. reminiscing tender moments i shared with my grandmother, my mentor, my friend at her kitchen table. i was usually asking questions... and she would open her library of knowledge unto me.

i always thought, and still think, my grandma was one of the most intelligent people ever.

my ears yearn for my grandma to call me stephy.

my heart yearns for it.

today, i was overtaken by a rush of emotion.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

toy story 3 .. in 3 dimensions.

3d movies are fun.

..but mostly just the glasses wearing part.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

my prayers were answered.

i haven't blogged in the past few days... sorry about that.

this morning i prayed for opportunities to serve... and my prayer was answered with a phone call from my mom. i was to go out to the new fireworks store and help my brother load a trailer full of cases of fireworks.

now, normally i would dread this and have a bad attitude while carrying 25lb boxes of explosives into a huge trailer. but not this time.

i had fun. i enjoyed it... i was oddly enjoying to tedious task of relocating the fireworks. it was actually fun being with my family. i got to spend time with my brother and dad.

after we got my brother's trailer loaded, my brother departed to some unknown location. it was then just my dad and i.

i just respect and look up to my dad so much.. we had some good daddy-daughter time today.

the Lord answers our prayers. we never know how he will answer our prayers.. but He does. today my prayers were answered when i was given the opportunity to serve those i love the most.. my family.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

i want to punch you.

i often feel this emotion towards one of my online professors.

i just get frustrated.. okay?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

happy father's day.

my dad is the best ever. i love him. he knows how to brighten my day. i pick on him, pinch him, and try to help him bald prematurely as i give him "noogies". he is hilarious. one thing i love about my dad is that he is so confident and caring. he is always concerned for someone's well being and trying to lend a hand. my dad has one of the softest hearts and he is such a good example to me.

he knows how to make me smile when i'm sad... and laugh when i'm mad.

i just love him so, so, so very much.

i love that he makes time for my phone call when i am away... and let's me ramble on and on and on.

i love that my dad is one of my best friends and i can talk to him about virtually everything.

i love his shakey face when he gets mad.

i love that i can call him tiny tom, mighty mouse, and short stack.

my dad has such a strong work ethic... and passion for what he does. he doesn't let anything, or anyone stop him.

i love it when he shares his water or soda with me... what a nice guy.

most of all, i love that he is my dad.

someday, i hope to be more like him.

Friday, June 18, 2010

online classes.

why is it that whenever i get online to do my homework for my online classes i :

a.) log onto facebook
b.) look at clothes i can't afford
c.) check out what's happening in the world of zumba
d.) watch videos on youtube
e.) check my email
f.) write a blog.

why can't my online classes be interesting?? why can't my online teacher be nice? does he have to have a cold heart? NO. maybe that's why i dislike my writing for a communication career class so much. i am rebelling against my cold hearted teacher.

nevertheless i must go do my homework. .. and learn about writing crime and disaster stories... i mean i might find it interesting if i were a journalism major.. but i am NOT. i have to take this class for my advertising minor.. and all i can say is.. i can't stand it. i loathe it. i would rather mow 20 lawns a day than do homework for this class.

don't get me wrong.. i love brigham young university - idaho... i just don't like online classes.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

good morning.

this is what mornings often look like while i am at home in south dakota.

birds chirping.
the sun basking through the window.
the dogs laying with me.
glasses still on.
mornings at home sure are great.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

sneak peak.

here are some sneak peak pictures from girls camp.

building a fire.
going on a hike.
getting fire wood.
cooking breakfast.
super hero capes.

more to come later.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i will be gone for the next 3 days.

i am going camping.
i am going to hike.
i am going to cook things with fire.
i am going to canoe.
i am going to have fun.
i am going to sleep in a tent.
I am going to get eaten by mosquitos.
i am going to sing campfire songs.

i am not going to have the interwebs.
i am not going to be able to blog.

i know, i know.. you are probably crying.
it will be okay though.
it's only three days.

Monday, June 7, 2010

nervous, anxious, excited.

blogger was down last night when i tried to write a new post. it was sad... but whatever. i guess sometimes it happens.

so right now.. right now i am really nervous, anxious, and exited for girls camp. we leave at 6:00 AM on wednesday--TWO DAYS!


i am nervous because i am going to be the "adult". granted i am still going to have fun but i have to be there to.. ya know.. be a grown up. i am nervous that i won't know answers to questions. i am nervous that i might not know how to start a campfire. we might get lost in the woods. who knows? but i do know that i can be an adult. i can be responsible... hold on a sec. i AM an adult.. and i AM responsible...maybe?


i am anxious because i don't know what to expect. i have never been to girls camp. beyond the schedule we were given, i don't really know what we are going to do. i don't know what it is going to be like. what if the weather doesn't cooperate? then what? i am just anxious.. anxious to get there and CAMP.


i am excited for the friendships we will build and the memories we are going to create. oh yes.. and the food. who doesn't love campfire food? s'mores? yum.. dutch oven cooking? YUM... granted i don't really know how to use a dutch oven right now.. i am sure i will be a pro soon.

now..i have to get a whole weeks worth of homework done in two days.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

moving friends. moving strangers.

today was a great day.

i helped some of my friends move from an apartment to a house.
by helped i mean i carried some boxes, lifted a couch, offered support, and had fun.

i also helped some strangers move from a basement apartment to a different apartment complex.

let me back up and tell you how we met the strangers.

you see, after we had engulfed our delicious lunch we were just sitting around in the practically empty apartment. in walks someone i had never met before. a pregnant someone. her name was elizabeth and we soon became friends. not long after elizabeth introduced herself, we met her husband josh. after our short little meet and greet while they ate their lunch we asked if they needed help. i think they thought they had just struck gold.

it was a great way to offer service and i know they were very grateful.

lending a hand, providing service, and offering your talents will bless your life.

i know that as you help others you will be happy.

so..have you done any good in the world today? have you helped anyone in need?

Friday, June 4, 2010

my friend erin.

jennifer is the beauty on the left, erin is the beauty in the middle

i wrote this for an assignment for my communications writing class..enjoy!

Erin Densley

As a sophomore at Brigham Young University – Idaho, Erin Densley’s favorite color is coral. She is the middle child of five children and loves oranges. But, who is Erin Densley? Erin is a girl with numerous ambitions, lots of friends, and a great future.

Although raised near Seattle, Erin’s family moved various times to various suburban locations along the Puget Sound. She says, “I grew up all over the Seattle area. I lived in Federal Way, WA until I was about ten. Then, I moved to Northeast Tacoma and lived there until I was seventeen. Then, I moved to Renton. My family still resides in Renton.” One of her favorite childhood homes was in Northwest Tacoma because it had a hot tub. “I was like ten and we'd use it as a stage to practice our Britney Spears moves,” she said.

While growing up along the Pacific Northwest Erin enjoyed a vibrant childhood. She loved being a ballerina, Celine Dion, and making up games with her sister. Erin reminisces her childhood, “My big sister is my best friend and we've always done really crazy things. We made up a game called "chair ball". I think I was 11 or 12. We sat on “rolly” office chairs and would roll around and try to hit each other with balls.” Erin also loved attending Girls Camp.

One time while at Girls Camp, because of her love of Celine Dion, Erin and her friends ribbon-danced to “My Heart will Go On”. Her favorite memories from Girls Camp include, “dressing up silly in brightly colored spandex and stuff, making up ridiculous cheers and skits, and of course, testimony meeting,” she goes on to say, “I always felt like I could really be myself, there.”

As a true Pacific Northwestern “granola” Erin loves the simple life and learning everything she can. When at home she loves spending time near the water. “Water calms me and exhilarates me, too. When I go to the ocean, first, I freak out, and run around laughing and shouting. Then, I get silent, and just stop talking and think, but they aren't very intense thoughts.”

Erin loves to plan. She is known by some as Erin “the planner” Densley. Fulfilling her plan to attend a Brigham Young University, Erin presently resides in Rexburg, Idaho. Currently wanting to be an elementary school teacher, Erin has her mind set on teaching the second grade. “Second graders know what is expected of them at school but they're still cute,” she said. Erin is also currently on the BYU-Idaho collegiate Ballroom Dance team.

Erin’s favorite foods are simple and sweet, just like her, “fruit, vegetables, and yogurt,” she said. “I also really love grilled cheese sandwiches.”

Erin Densley is unique, fun, and very loving. She loves to be crazy and loves being old fashioned. Erin knows how to be beautiful and she is a great example. She described herself best by saying, “I don't know a lot of things and I haven't accomplished much, but I do know how to be happy, and I think that's somewhat notable, and worth sharing with others."

Thursday, June 3, 2010

road construction.

say you are driving.. and you see this sign.

what is your automatic reaction?
i wonder if anybody finds joy in road construction. there has to be someone out there that shouts hooray! we get to go 55 mph and practically play chicken with semis one right after another.

i am definitely not that person. i despise it. i want to honk my horn through the entire stretch of orange cones and throw rocks at the safety green shirted people.

road construction.
does it really need to happen every summer?

do you ever have the urge to swerve in between them?
because i do.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

string cheese.

string cheese might just be one of my favorite foods. it's just so.. delicious. i like it for several reasons. let me name a few:

  • full serving of dairy right there in the shape of a stick
  • it's full of yummy protein
  • sometimes the packages come with fun trivia facts
  • the options to eat it are endless
  • it's just.. tastey

so.. how do you eat your string cheese?

are you a...

a.) biter of the cheese?
b.) stringer of the cheese?
c.) separator of the cheese?
d.) microwaver of the cheese?
e.) none of the above.. i devour my cheese in a completely unique way.

me? i'm mostly c... but if i am really hungry i am definitely a biter of the cheese.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

my bed was made.

when i walked into my bedroom tonight my bed was made.

now did i make my bed? nope, don't think so.

was it the bed fairies? mmm.. highly doubt that.

what about an automatic bed maker, is that what made my bed? uh.. they haven't invented those yet.

it was my mom! she is so kind to me sometimes. it just makes me want to smile and give her a giant hug.

thanks mom :) i loooooovvve you.