Sunday, November 8, 2009

it takes time to develop confidence in ourselves

i am not really sure what to blog about right now, but i feel like blogging. i guess i will try and convey a message that might reflect what i feel at this moment.

i feel like i need to worry less and serve more. i need to smile, laugh, and have fun. i also need to complete my homework. i need to actually do my homework. i am not very good at doing my homework, so i think i might start doing it at the library more often. i feel like i am less distracted there, and i get more done in a shorter amount of time. i know i can do well in my classes, but i just need to be motivated. i feel as though i need to figure out my major. should i graduate in april with my associates and decide from there? i guess i will decide soon. i feel like i need to be a better friend. i feel like i should toughen up and be less sensitive to hurtful comments. i want to be more optimistic; look at the bright side. i need to be less discouraged and more hopeful.  

sometimes i think that we get so discouraged because we think, "oh, they're better than me" or  "i can't do that." but really, if we have faith in ourselves, put forth the effort and just try - we may actually be able to accomplish things. i know that it's not easy. i know that it takes time to develop confidence in ourselves. i still lack confidence. i still sometimes stand on the sidelines because i am too afraid. i should have more courage; confidence. 

none of us our perfect, we all have our weaknesses. may we strengthen our weaknesses through the help of our Savior Jesus Christ and not only have faith in Him - but also in ourselves. 

Friday, November 6, 2009

I am Grateful For..

Okay, so i am not a very consistent blogger. Life is going pretty well here in Rexburg right now. Nothing too exciting is going on. I get kind of homesick at times, but i am thankful for the wonderful roommates that i have been blessed with. i am going to try to focus this blog posts on things that i am grateful for.

for starters i am grateful for my family. i love my family so much. i am so grateful for the comfort their phone calls bring me, and the excitement they share with me. i am grateful for my mom and dad and the friends that they have become. as i get older i recognize how blessed i am to be apart of my family. i am grateful for my brother. i am grateful for the friendship that we are building and the fun times that we have together. even though most of the time he is making fun of me. 

here are some pictures of my roommates. i am very grateful for them. the summer of 2009 was a challenging summer for me. God knew just what i needed when i came to byu-idaho. he blessed me with some of the best roommates. even though we haven't known each other very long i feel as though we have been friends for ages. i am grateful to be living in camden 7, and the fun times we share together.

 i am grateful to be here in rexburg, i feel happy. 

i am grateful for the plan of salvation. i miss my grandma so much sometimes but i know, i know that i will be able to see her again someday. i am grateful for the chance to be with all of my loved ones. 

i am grateful for teaching my water aerobics class and seeing the smiling participants. i am grateful for the energy they give me. i am grateful for the opportunity to give service.

i am grateful for safe shelter.

i am grateful for the Gospel. 

i am grateful for my wonderful friends- the great memories we have. i am grateful for their willingness to comforted me when i am weak, and hang out with me when i needed a friend. i am grateful for their guidance and support; craziness and laughter. 

i am grateful for the opportunity to pray. 

i am grateful for my wonderful grandparents. i love my grandma and grandpa. i am excited for our trip we will be taking soon to florida. i am grateful for the memories we have together, and the memories we have yet to make.  

i am grateful for laughter and laughing.

i am grateful for my kind teachers. 

i am grateful when my roommate gives me a ride to class. 

i am grateful for music. 

i am grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord.

i am grateful for so many more things. sometimes i try to remember all of the blessings i have in my life.