Wednesday, September 21, 2011

i love couponing!

okay so i recently really got into couponing. i got inspired by the show extreme couponing.. also i like couponing because steven and i are young newlyweds on a tight budget and coupons help us out a lot. we've probably saved more that a hundred dollars in coupons in the last month. that's a lot!! today we recently saved 49% of our order at Albertson's grocery store. Our total was originally over $60 and we ended up paying 34ish dollars. This was due to coupons, our savings card, and promotions. It was pretty cool because the deal for the week at Albertson's is that they are rounding all coupons up to a $1. So we had a couple coupons that rounded up to a dollar which more than doubled the coupon! Pretty cool right? Using coupons is fun. I recommend it.. plus you save a lot of money... and it is a good way to build up food storage. We didn't really need anything at the store, but because of the good deals we went and used coupons and purchased the food at low prices instead of paying full price later. It's fun :) We aren't food hoarders by any means... we just try to be very resourceful with the money we have.. and make it go as far as we can.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

our honeymoon to myrtle beach.

steven and i went to myrtle beach on our honeymoon. we has such a great time! the weather was just perfect! we got there on sunday and they predicted hurricane irene to hit on that friday. we were so excited to see the weather before the hurricane.. and we really wanted to stay for the hurricane.. but we were already scheduled to leave on thursday rather than friday. bummer right? well.. it was probably safer that way. myrtle beach is like a combination of las vegas and disney world. it's pretty cool. there is probably like a hundred hotels along the beach strip. there are really, really nice ones and some not so nice ones. we stay in an inexpensive resort and were very happy. we played in the ocean, the very salty ocean, went to broadway at the beach multiple times, went to an aquarium and touched sting ray, ate at margaritaville, planet hollywood, hard rock cafe, and lots of other places. we had so, so much fun on our honeymoon. we loved it!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

we went to yellowstone and didn't see any bears.

last weekend (sept. 9-10) steven and i went on a little camping trip with our friends jennifer and justin. we do a lot with jennifer and justin... they are pretty much our best friends here and they are pretty cool.. so it works. well on our camping trip we went to yellowstone and saw 673 geysers, 321 bison, 1 deer, and almost all of the united states according to license plates. okay maybe that was an exaggeration on the geysers.. but really we did see a lot. it was a lot of fun and i really like camping. we had received a dutch oven for a wedding present and also an inflatable mattress. we were excited to use both.. but we only got to use the dutch oven because apparently the charger to blow up the mattress needed to charger for 12 hours rather than the 12 minutes we had it attached to its power source. also we only had 1 sleeping bag! aren't we such good campers? haha!! well at least we had a tent and blankets and pillows and each other. i froze all night and was soooo incredibly uncomfortable because we slept on the ground with a sleeping bag as our mattress. it was a fun camping experience.. but i never want to sleep on the ground again! boy was i excited to return to our nice bed the next night! other than our lack of a mattress and heat in our tent, we had a great time cooking food over the fire. we made tin foil dinners and peach cobbler in our dutch oven. yum yum! yellowstone is really pretty.. we really liked it. there were a ton of people there too. we found pretty much every single us license plate except for like 4 or 5. it was pretty fun... also steven decided to cook an egg over the fire and it exploded. okay.. it kind of just cracked, but it was still cool.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

our wedding!

well, many of you are probably wanting to see pictures of our wedding. our internet uploading speed is very slow... but here is a picture of steven and i just leaving the temple. our wedding ceremony was so beautiful and perfect. i loved it so much and i am so, so happy that i get to be with the love of my life, steven melancon, forever and ever! being married is pretty much really sweet. i love that we have our own home now. our own two bedroom apartment on the third floor. i love coming home to steven and greeting him when he returns. i love it! today i made apple cake (remember how we picked 26 pounds of apples?)... and the aroma of the baking cake greeted steven as he walked into the door... and i loved it! i love being a wife and being able to serve my husband in so many ways.. and i love it when steven does those special little things for me. the other day he cleaned up the living room (there were boxes everywhere because we were still unpacking) and did so much stuff around the apartment that i was soooo excited when i came home. i love my husband.. and in six days we've been married for a month! hooray!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We went apple picking!

Last night Steven and I and our friends Jennifer and Justin went to an apple orchard on BYU-Idaho's campus. It was really fun and really pretty. A storm was rolling in so the colors were just beautiful. There were so many different types of apples and so many different trees! Probably more than 100. I think all of the apples were crossbred or something. We just kind of picked whatever we thought looked good.. and we ended up picking 26 pounds of apples! Our friends picked 28 pounds... that's a grand total of 54 pounds of apples! Holy moly! But guess what, our 26 pounds of apples only cost us $13 because the apples were only 50 cents a pound. Good deal right? Well later that night we, along with Jennifer and Justin, made and canned 20 pounds of apples into applesauce... and it is scrumptious!