Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The New Year is Upon us..

WEll, I am sitting here at my house in South Dakota. Today I went over to my friends' house to build an igloo. It was pretty fun. Yesterday we went to have our Christmas party at my grandparent's house. That was both fun and different. It was wierd because 1.) It wasn't on Chrsitmas 2.) My grandparent's moved to a new house in the spring so it was wierd having Christmas at the new house. But, all in all we had a great time. Hopefully I will soon get into the routine of blogging more often. I will make it a goal.

I registered for some classes.. 12 credits right now. I plan on being a T.A. (teacher's assistant) for a fitness class on campus. That will boost my credit level up to a wopping 13 credits! woo hoo!

I am excited to see my friends again. I will miss being at home though. Being at home--it is just so comforting.

On Christmas.. well during the day before Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve, and on Christmas Day Vermillion had a blizzard! It was pretty exciting. Well, acutally we pretty much just stayed at home the entire 3 days because all of the roads were closed. It was fun being with my family. We played Nintendo, Monopoly, and watched a movie. We had a lot of fun.

I finished the first Twilight book today. I LOVED IT. I am eager to start New Moon. ( I got both New Moon and Eclipse for Christmas from my grandparents. How lucky!)

Well, hopefully I will be posting again soon!
Here is a picture of me and the snow drift by my Aunt Sue's house. SOO MUCH SNOW!

Enjoy the Holiday!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

it takes time to develop confidence in ourselves

i am not really sure what to blog about right now, but i feel like blogging. i guess i will try and convey a message that might reflect what i feel at this moment.

i feel like i need to worry less and serve more. i need to smile, laugh, and have fun. i also need to complete my homework. i need to actually do my homework. i am not very good at doing my homework, so i think i might start doing it at the library more often. i feel like i am less distracted there, and i get more done in a shorter amount of time. i know i can do well in my classes, but i just need to be motivated. i feel as though i need to figure out my major. should i graduate in april with my associates and decide from there? i guess i will decide soon. i feel like i need to be a better friend. i feel like i should toughen up and be less sensitive to hurtful comments. i want to be more optimistic; look at the bright side. i need to be less discouraged and more hopeful.  

sometimes i think that we get so discouraged because we think, "oh, they're better than me" or  "i can't do that." but really, if we have faith in ourselves, put forth the effort and just try - we may actually be able to accomplish things. i know that it's not easy. i know that it takes time to develop confidence in ourselves. i still lack confidence. i still sometimes stand on the sidelines because i am too afraid. i should have more courage; confidence. 

none of us our perfect, we all have our weaknesses. may we strengthen our weaknesses through the help of our Savior Jesus Christ and not only have faith in Him - but also in ourselves. 

Friday, November 6, 2009

I am Grateful For..

Okay, so i am not a very consistent blogger. Life is going pretty well here in Rexburg right now. Nothing too exciting is going on. I get kind of homesick at times, but i am thankful for the wonderful roommates that i have been blessed with. i am going to try to focus this blog posts on things that i am grateful for.

for starters i am grateful for my family. i love my family so much. i am so grateful for the comfort their phone calls bring me, and the excitement they share with me. i am grateful for my mom and dad and the friends that they have become. as i get older i recognize how blessed i am to be apart of my family. i am grateful for my brother. i am grateful for the friendship that we are building and the fun times that we have together. even though most of the time he is making fun of me. 

here are some pictures of my roommates. i am very grateful for them. the summer of 2009 was a challenging summer for me. God knew just what i needed when i came to byu-idaho. he blessed me with some of the best roommates. even though we haven't known each other very long i feel as though we have been friends for ages. i am grateful to be living in camden 7, and the fun times we share together.

 i am grateful to be here in rexburg, i feel happy. 

i am grateful for the plan of salvation. i miss my grandma so much sometimes but i know, i know that i will be able to see her again someday. i am grateful for the chance to be with all of my loved ones. 

i am grateful for teaching my water aerobics class and seeing the smiling participants. i am grateful for the energy they give me. i am grateful for the opportunity to give service.

i am grateful for safe shelter.

i am grateful for the Gospel. 

i am grateful for my wonderful friends- the great memories we have. i am grateful for their willingness to comforted me when i am weak, and hang out with me when i needed a friend. i am grateful for their guidance and support; craziness and laughter. 

i am grateful for the opportunity to pray. 

i am grateful for my wonderful grandparents. i love my grandma and grandpa. i am excited for our trip we will be taking soon to florida. i am grateful for the memories we have together, and the memories we have yet to make.  

i am grateful for laughter and laughing.

i am grateful for my kind teachers. 

i am grateful when my roommate gives me a ride to class. 

i am grateful for music. 

i am grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord.

i am grateful for so many more things. sometimes i try to remember all of the blessings i have in my life.  

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Fun a College student has..

WEll, I am just going to blog about the fun experiences that I have had in the past week/week and a half. Well.. last week we got lost trying to find our way to this lake. WE got so lost taht we ended up driving about 15 miles out of our way on a crappy dirt road. But, it was still fun.. especially when I totally off roaded in my car and drove up this gigantic sand hill... then we actually found a lake..BUT it just so happen to be ohh, about 2 feet deep. The pictures I included are of Jennifer and I at Egan Lake.. trying to have can see how deep it is. 
Then, TODAY! Oh what a day. I love being here with my friends. I love my roommates too. Let me just tell about my roommat
es, and how cool they really ar
e. They are all so great and fun. We all get along so well.. and we do stuff together, and it's just really great. They also enjoy dragging me to the gym. BUT, anyhoo.. today. TODAY, Jennifer and I went bridge jumping for the first time ever!! It was so much fun, scary but fun. I didn't want to do it at first... but then Jennifer and I just went. Kjersti was so fearless! She was jumping all over! I did get a minor bruise on my leg from climbing up the rock, but that's okay. Also, when i jumped from like.. the TOP of the bridge I kind of hurt my ears a little bit. They hurt tonight for a while, then I took some ibprofen. I was nervous that I like, popped an ear drum! 
THENNNN.. after the our fun adventure, Jennifer, Brittane, and Kjersti and I went to a drive in movie theater!! Oh my goodness, it was so much fun. I loved it. I had never been to a drive in movie theater before and I felt like I was back in the sixties or something! We watched G.I. Joe and The Proposal. Well, actually we didn't watch too much of G.I. Joe.. we ate candy, acted like girls.. and just had a fantabulous time. Let's just say.. I love drive ins!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trying to Blog more.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

8:12 a.m.

So I left this morning. Right now I am sitting in the car writing this on my recently installed Microsoft Office. I am pretty much just testing it out since I have no idea how to use Mac stuff.  I am also writing this blog because I told Charity that I would try to blog once every week.

Hmmm.. well, my thoughts are nervous. I am really scared and nervous to be away from my family; to be so far away from my family. I know that I have been to school in Idaho before and I know that I have friends out there and everything, it’s just that leaving this time is different. This time I am scared to leave. But I just need to suck it up and go to school, enjoy my time, not be a downer, and HAVE FUN. I know that I will. I just get really nervous.

Well, we are currently on our way to Denver. We are going to be there with some of our family. I am not really sure what we are going to do.. but, I am sure it will be fun. We were supposed to be leaving at 6am, but we didn’t get out of the house until ..oh I don’t know 7:30ish. But that’s okay J Jimmy is listening to Glen Beck. How fun! …..right. I wonder how many talk shows I will have to listen to on our really long car drive. Hmm.. I just don’t know. I am getting kind of tired though. Maybe I will take a nap.   I will try to keep this blog post up to date on our travel adventures.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

10:23 p.m.

OHhhhh we had such a good day today! We went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. IT was sooo much fun. There were so many really fun exhibits. The health exhibits was probably my favorite. Well, my favorite was probably getting to spend time with my family. It is always fun to hang out with family. Aunt Mary-Beth and Toy and Tracey are so fun.  Then, after we left the museum I dragged Jameson to the Outlet mall in Loveland, CO.  It was an O.K.  outlet mall. Not the best I have ever seen. .. I mean, come on. It’s an outlet mall.. prices are suppose to be CHEAP!  But oh well.. I got some snow boots and some stuff at the reebok store. After shopping for a while,  we ate supper at the Crackel Barrel. I love that store. It is so.. down home country. I love it.  Tomorrow we are heading to Idaho! .. I am kind of excited I guess. .. getting more exicted. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well there have been some changes in my life. For starters.. I cut my hair! I cut 4.5 inches off! it feels so good! I love having short hair right now. I think I might even cut it shorter in the summer time. Other than my new hair style, I also am planning on changing schools!! Crazy I know. I love BYU-Idaho so much, but.. I think it's time for a change. I am preparing to apply to BYU-Hawaii! I feel as though it's where I need to be. So, I am going to get my associates degree from BYU-Idaho in December 2009, and then head off to BYU-Hawaii! Granted, that means that I have to get accepted first. But, I hope so! I am going to get my associates from BYU-I first so I will be able to transfer all of my credits to the new school. By doing this, I will be able to transfer my degree and start working on my bachelors. It's what they recommend to do, so I'm excited. It is also great because I will be able to apply my interior design credits that I took last semester towards my associates degree. I will actually have an emphisis in interior design. It's kind of cool how it's working out. I hope I will be able to accomplish my goals. I know I will if i put my heart into it. I know it will all work out if this is what is suppose to happen; all I need to do is my part.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just Living Life

So, sorry about the text being hard to read before. I changed it to white this time for an easier read. Not too much fun stuff has happened this week. On Friday we had our first swim meet!! Wooooo!! The Spartans won! I was so excited. I didn't compete yet, but I will sometime. I am not that good, but it is still so much fun! On Sunday after church we went to a Super Bowl party over at a friend's house. It was pretty fun. I didn't realy pay attention to the Super Bowl that much.. and I thought the half time show was really lame. Sorry.
OOOOHHH... Saturday was a good day. I really like Saturdays for lots of reasons. I am in this class called Intro to Education. I absolutley love it. I totally know I want to be a teacher. I am grateful that I had the opprotunity to be in the Interior Design program though. I love my friends in the Interior Design program, and I wouldn't trade anything for my time with them last semester. But, within my Intro to Ed. class I have the opprotunity to mentor students at a middle school in Rigby, ID called Midway Middle School. I absoluetly love these kids! They have taught me so much. Sure, the kids at Saturday school totally don't want to be there, and they are there because they didn't get their homework done in the first place.. . so their attitude about school isn't the greatest.. but these kids are gunuine. They are great kids, and it is so uplifting for me to see their attitudes change about their homework after I am done working with them. I love it.. and am totally okay with waking up at 8 am on Saturday to be with them.
Tomorrow, Feb. 4, I am starting this Nutrition Incentive program at the Wellness Center. I am kind of excited. During the Winter it's hard for me to stay focused on my goals, and I think this will help me a lot. It is a program offered on campus.. and you get prizes for completling it in the semester. .. SOOO... I am way excited. OH! As for the 9 week challenge? Totally kicking butt! It's great. I love it, and I love making Sonia come workout with me.. we have a lot of fun together. Too bad I can't go to our Latin Aerobics class anymore.. it's when my swim team practice is.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's so cold!

For starters, it's freezing! Yesterday when I walked to class at 8:45 a.m., it was apparently - 26 degrees outside.. and I was wearing a dress. A DRESS. I was sooo cold, I thought I may have gotten frost bite. But, it's okay. I lived. We had devotional yesterday and Elder D. Todd Christofferson addressed us. It was pretty cool, I love going to school here.

Sonia and I went to go to Zumba class, a latin derived aerobics class, and it got cancelled because a cheerleader fell and hurt herself. We were both kind of bummed, but we went to a cycling class instead. THEN, after class when we went into the locker room I started talking to some of the girls on the swim team. I was asking them questions about it, and they told me that they had just started and they wanted me to join! SOOO.. here I am, joining a swim team. I am kind of nervous and excited all at the same time. I told them that I was horrible, and they didn't seem to mind.. haha. We practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and compete on Fridays. I am anxious to meet everyone on my team. Apparently I am going to be on the Spartan team. Go Spartans!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I have finally figured it out!

OK, so I haven't figured out my blog yet.
I have been trying to learn how to personalize my blog, but I can't figure anything out. If anyone has any suggestions.. PLEASE feel free to help!
Right now I am in the library working on homework..kind of. We are suppose to watch a movie on the Constitution, A More Perfect Union, for my American Foundations class. I have basically just been listening to it.. and trying to figure out my blog.
Okay, so I went to the Major Fair on campus today because I have been having a difficult time figuring out my future. Since I have dropped the Interior Design program and decided that I want to be a teacher, I went directly to the Education table. Oh man! I found out some vital information. I have been having a difficult time deciding whether or not I wanted to teach elementary students or secondary education students. My issues have been resolved! I found out that since the Elementary Education major is composite, it will certify me to teach Kindergarten - 8th grade. I also found out that I can receive a math endorsement. Within the math endorsement I will be certified to be a math teacher for K-9th grade. I was so happy when I found this information out. I feel as though I may know where I am headed now. Finally!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My First Blogging Experience!

Well, I have decided to start up a blog. It seems as though a lot of my friends are doing it and it will be a good way for me to reflect on life. I hope my blog is a pleasure to read, and I will try to keep it updated as often as possible.

Here is a run down of my life right now:

I am in my third week of classes. I actually have started to like homework. It's crazy and weird I know, but I have began to understand the concept of homework. I think of it now as an opportunity to grow intellectually rather than just having busy work. It has really helped me in my classes, and I feel like I might just be gaining knowledge. I hope my desire to learn will continue through this semester, maybe even life.

I really enjoy all of my classes this semester. I have such diverse classes that I am learning in a lot of different areas. These are the classes I am taking : Developing World, we study developing countries and why they suffer from poverty. This class has actually really opened my mind up to a lot of things. American Foundations, for once in my life I actually find myself interested in history. I really like my professor and his teaching style so I think that helps too. Professional Communications, this is a fun class. We learn about communicating when it becomes crucial and why we do things when we are fighting. It's really interesting. New Testament, this class is amazing. Within the semester we are going to read the entire New Testament. It is truly remarkable to learn about all of the events in the New Testament and I am extremely excited for the entire semester. Personal Achievement, this class is life changing. My professor is teaching principles that help individuals succeed. We are learning out of the book Inner Victory. If you have a chance I would totally recommend it. At this moment we are learning about time management. It's cool. Then my last class that I am taking is Introduction to Education, this class helps a student know if they want to be a teacher and what kind of teacher he/she wants to be. I am really excited about this class because we get the opportunity to go out into schools in surrounding areas to work one on one with the kids. This class has already opened my mind to so many things.

My friend Sonia and I have decided to take the 9 Week Fitness Challenge. This means that we have to exercise for at least 3 hours every week. I am excited and I know we are up to the challenge. So far so good! Last week we tracked in about 4.5 hours, and already this week we have made it to 2.25 hours! I think we will be able to handle it. I am excited.