Monday, May 31, 2010

observing memorial day weekend.

the flags in honor of veterans at the vermillion cemetery.
my mom and brother remembering my wonderful grandparents.
dad getting ready to plant his flowers on memorial day.
my grandpa taylor's flag.

my grandpa taylor served in world war 2 and a flag is flown in his honor every memorial day.
elizabeth and i at the swimming pool.
dawson and bianca at the swimming pool. we had fun.
the "float full of ferns".. my mom and dad dug up all of the ferns on the left side of our front yard. they put them in a trailer and brought them to New 2 You.
my mom and dad planted flowers in the previous home of the ferns.
isn't my mom cute?

foggy dreams.

dreams are so weird sometimes. last night i had a series of weird dreams. i really should write them down.. but i just remember we were like trying to escape from a mad scientist or something. i think we were held hostage... and i know i was with friends but i can't quite remember who. i typically wake up before anything really bad happens. i'm such a coward.

but then it got me to thinking about dreams.

what are your dreams like?

i have all types of dreams but i am only going to talk about one specific type at the moment.

foggy dreams:

these are the types of dreams where i am in a really familiar location and i can't see anything. i don't know if it is because in reality i am half blind (okay i am not really diagnosed half blind, but i have realllllly poor vision) or if it is just the type of dream. i hate these! i always want to see what is going on.. i always want to fully participate in my dream.. but i can't because i can't see!!!

i guess you could relate this to real life. sometimes we can't see everything. sometimes we can't automatically see the reward from our continuous efforts to achieve a goal or task. but we continue... we don't just give up because we can't see everything right away do we? well we shouldn't.

maybe the fogginess is created by lack of faith? maybe it is created by the lack of faith in ourselves? as our faith and confidence in ourselves diminishes... does the fog start and our inability to fully participate to rise? it sure is easy to think "i'm not good enough" or "really? you want me to do that? there surely has to be someone better". so, due to lack of confidence we hold back. we withdrawl our talents, ourselves, and our knowledge. when we keep holding back, our talents become useless. they stop working.. just like in my dreams. my vision was getting foggy and i wasn't able to fully participate.

it's never easy to navigate in fog.. never.


i'm not sure if any of the above text makes sense... but there is my analysis of the foggy dream in a nut shell... or blog post.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

today is the sabbath

so.. i am getting really excited to go to girls camp. i have never been before and i am really looking forward to building stronger friendships. i am excited to go camping. i LOVE camping. i am a little nervous how my hair will look without the convenience of a straightener.. it may look like a lions mane for a couple days... oh well!

here is a list of things i am all excited about concerning girls camp:
  • sleeping in a tent.
  • campfires.
  • hiking.
  • being outside the entire time.
  • laughing and having fun.
  • creating memories.
  • crafts.
  • learning.
  • teaching.
  • being a leader.
  • campfire dinner...yum!
  • S'MORES!
  • running around pretending i'm twelve again.
  • being a girl.
  • sharing my knowledge of the Gospel.
  • having fun.
man! i am way excited! on tuesday we are beginning our Book of Mormon challenge as well. we are trying to read the Book of Mormon in 60 days. ... 60 days! the whole thing.. can i do it? yes! i am going to at least try.. and that's all that matters. i know that if i create a habit of reading the scriptures i will gain a stronger testimony of the Gospel and a stronger relationship with our Father in Heaven. it will be a cool experience and journey... and i am happy we are all doing it together.

i just love being home.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

first day at the pool

today was my first day at the pool this summer. while i was riding my bike my ipod flew out of my shorts and fell on to the ground. i was sad... no harm was done to my ipod, but my earphones didn't fair too well when they got tangled into my tire and tire spokes. although they still work there is a portion of the wire that no longer has the bumble bee yellow casing. lame.. guess i will have to go get some bright duct tape to repair them.

once i got to the pool i had a super fabulous time. it was great going to the pool and not actually having to lifeguard. it was a whole different experience. the pool was fun! elizabeth and i were just swimming in the big pool for a while.. then we decided that we should go play in the baby pool with the triplets.

ohh the fun we had with them! the bairs were there too. i just love them. we were playing shark and mermaid. everyone wanted a "mermaid ride" on my back(which is just me squirming in the water). then we all went to go travel down the slide. it was great.. and i am way excited to go back.

the pool is a fun place... and the sunshine makes me happy... and the water makes my hair look like i stuck my finger in a light socket.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Project Brad : Story One

Here is my first story on Brad Sherwood... maybe you will find it entertaining?

Subject: Benjamin Bradley Sherwood, a Native American with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Date of observation: Friday, May 7, 2010

Theme: Stories

Deep in the panhandle of South Dakota, close to Nebraska is a town called Vermillion. Vermillion marks the home of a man, a Lakota Sioux Tribe member, Benjamin Bradley Sherwood. Preferring to go by the name of Brad, he loves telling stories to people. His stories are typically about him and most of the time fabricated. Brad joyfully allows us into his home to share some of his favorite “memories”.

Prompted by a loud voice saying, “Wait a couple minutes, just got home from work,” we wait standing in the low ceilinged front porch. We talk softly about what may happen during our visit. We are all aware that when visiting Brad one never knows what to expect.

Brad opens his door with a huge smile on his face. “So glad to see you guys,” he says, while managing to not break his smile. All four of us shuffle into his home. He begins to tell us the history of his one story house that is located directly across the street from the Vermillion Court House.

Acting like a tour guide, Brad tells us a story of his home. He tells us it used to be a chapel and may be haunted by a ghost. The house was also built for two people, an elderly couple, but is far too small for just one Brad.

Looking at a bunch of dried flowers I ask, “What is that Brad?” It was sage. Brad explains to us, while preparing the sage to “smudge” us, the importance of sage smudging in the Native American culture. Sage smudging is said to release unwanted spirits.

Lighting the ball of sage on fire smoke fills the room. Brad takes an eagle feather out of his case and begins the Native American ritual. As he wafted the sage smoke onto our bodies he made sure to tap the feather at certain locations, mainly our legs and arms.

Hurriedly Brad puts the dish of sage in the kitchen and begins telling us stories from his past. He begins with the story of being found in an orphanage while he was a baby by his grandmother, Phoebe Afraid of Bear. Brad’s grandmother raised him until he was nine and asked for his forgiveness as she was dying. As his eyes get watery, he explains to us his mom gave him to an orphanage as a baby. His grandmother found him and raised him.

He points to three owls nestled into a cabinet shelf bordering the kitchen and living room and tell us three owls are calling his name. In his Native American culture his tribe is known as the Owl Nation. When an owl cries three times they, meaning a person, have passed.

His attention turns to the plants in the room. His watery eyes soon get replaced with a smile as he says, “I love plants. They’re young and youthful.” It wasn’t long though until he began talking about his childhood again.

“I’ve got FAS, when I was born I was in an incubator for 6 months. I had a blood transfusion,” Brad tells us. “Man that made me was white.”

When he grew older Brad started drifting. He started using marijuana. Brad soon tells us why he has dentures as well as of his battle with bone cancer. To make sure we are aware of his dentures he quickly pops both his top and bottom set out of his mouth to show us.

Brad has been employed in numerous jobs. He not only was he a taxi driver, McDonald’s fry cook, and a security officer for the United Sioux Tribes incorporation, but he also fought in the Vietnam War. He tells us he got drafted at 17 and served for thirteen years. He says, “Am I seeing a psychiatrist? Yah, I am. For my post traumatic stress disorder.” He also goes on to say, “I’m a military brat.” Brad also suffers from nightmares.

After asking about wartime stories Brad tells us he was once wounded to the hip. He is currently waiting for his Purple Heart from the Veteran’s Administration. “I can’t wait to get that before I die, ” Brad tells us regarding his Purple Heart medal. He also

Brad has been sober for 37 years in July and will celebrate his 60th birthday in September.

As we’re sitting, two of us on the couch with Brad and two people sitting on the floor, we smelling mingling sage smoke in the air. His attention focuses on another aspect of his life and asks us if we would like to hear some Native American tribal music. He reaches over to grab the music and proudly shows off his music collection. He puts a CD in the player and turns up the volume so we can hear.

Loud drumming fills the air. Old Native American voices soon join the drumming. Brad smiles and asks us if we would like to see his dance costumes. After we say yes he bolts into his spare bedroom to grab an old, orange suitcase. As he zips open the suitcase his smile illuminates the room. He gently shows us each individual clothing item, one right after another, each piece showcasing a different type of Native American clothing art. He shows us his beautifully beaded moccasins. Asking if he himself made the moccasins he says, “Yes, I beaded these myself”. Brad is talented dancer and has many pictures of him dancing on the wall. He danced in a Lewis and Clark play.

As he packs up his clothes we say our goodbyes. We thank him for our visit with him and he is eager to schedule another.


Charity Winsor de-friended (or shall I say de-followed?) me because I don't blog enough. Well Charity, I am going to set a goal. I am going to BLOG! Now, my blog posts may not be long, but they will be there... allowing the world to see my rambling thoughts.

I now have to close this blog because I told myself I would start my homework at 9:30 a.m. ---by the way if you haven't guessed it I am taking 2 summer online classes. Writing for Mass Communication (we have to write news stories! and leads! ... and lots of them! yuck.) and Mass Media in Society(which isn't so bad) .