Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just Living Life

So, sorry about the text being hard to read before. I changed it to white this time for an easier read. Not too much fun stuff has happened this week. On Friday we had our first swim meet!! Wooooo!! The Spartans won! I was so excited. I didn't compete yet, but I will sometime. I am not that good, but it is still so much fun! On Sunday after church we went to a Super Bowl party over at a friend's house. It was pretty fun. I didn't realy pay attention to the Super Bowl that much.. and I thought the half time show was really lame. Sorry.
OOOOHHH... Saturday was a good day. I really like Saturdays for lots of reasons. I am in this class called Intro to Education. I absolutley love it. I totally know I want to be a teacher. I am grateful that I had the opprotunity to be in the Interior Design program though. I love my friends in the Interior Design program, and I wouldn't trade anything for my time with them last semester. But, within my Intro to Ed. class I have the opprotunity to mentor students at a middle school in Rigby, ID called Midway Middle School. I absoluetly love these kids! They have taught me so much. Sure, the kids at Saturday school totally don't want to be there, and they are there because they didn't get their homework done in the first place.. . so their attitude about school isn't the greatest.. but these kids are gunuine. They are great kids, and it is so uplifting for me to see their attitudes change about their homework after I am done working with them. I love it.. and am totally okay with waking up at 8 am on Saturday to be with them.
Tomorrow, Feb. 4, I am starting this Nutrition Incentive program at the Wellness Center. I am kind of excited. During the Winter it's hard for me to stay focused on my goals, and I think this will help me a lot. It is a program offered on campus.. and you get prizes for completling it in the semester. .. SOOO... I am way excited. OH! As for the 9 week challenge? Totally kicking butt! It's great. I love it, and I love making Sonia come workout with me.. we have a lot of fun together. Too bad I can't go to our Latin Aerobics class anymore.. it's when my swim team practice is.