Monday, January 11, 2010

Hey, hey .. it's Monday!

HEY! It's Monday!

I am teaching my water aerobics class tonight at 6pm and I am so excited! Today has been great! This semester I have really enjoyed my classes. I am taking 15 credits. Not bad. Well, I have class every morning at 7:45 am.. but I actually kind of like it. Weird.

My friend Jennifer and I went on a photography adventure on Saturday. It was pretty fabulous. We went to St. Anthony, Idaho and just took pictures. She has a really nice camera. I think I actually kind of want one. I just have a point and shoot... nothing too fancy.

Ohhh.. I also really enjoy the new Netflix! You can watch movies... instantly! I would totally recommend it. You don't have to hassle with renting them.

In my Public Speaking class we have been looking at poems. Someone reads a poem that they really enjoy.. and then everyone in the class has to discuss what they liked about the poem. I think it is so interesting. My teacher, she wants us to call her "Boss", is so great. She is.. inspiring.

I am excited for this semester. I really am.

Here is one from Jennifer's camera when we went on our adventure!