Friday, February 3, 2012

First blog for 2012!

Greetings to everyone who reads my blog!

I am very aware that I have not written on my blog in quite sometime. (This is pretty ordinary) But.. recently I have been trying and trying to create a new blog... but have failed terribly (who knew that blogger got so confusing!?). I think I am just going to continue with my according to stephanie blog... and update it a little bit. 

What's new with us?

Well... let me tell you.

I am taking 19 credits in my FINAL semester at BYU-Idaho!! Hooray! ...well, kinda. I received an email today that was sent out to all graduates and I got kind of emotional reading it. (I admit it.. I shed a couple tears) It's just crazy to think I am done with this chapter in my life. For so long college graduation seemed so far away... but now, just a few months. I am so grateful for my education and through college I have learned and grown so much... and I just can't believe my undergraduate days are almost over. 

Steven is exited and getting ready to transfer to South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City, SD. He hasn't quite decided if he wants to be a chemical engineer or a mechanical engineer... but he's excited to transfer. We're both pretty excited to move too. Some aspects of moving terrify me a little bit. Like: Where are we going to live? Where will I find a job?? WE HAVE NO FRIENDS THERE! But.. I know that it will all work out. 

I may or may not get an internship at a Women's Clinic in Idaho Falls. I'm pretty excited about it. Out of all types of health I would have to say that Women's Health is my absolute favorite. Working in a Women's Clinic would be my dream job... so I am kind of hoping the internship works out. 

Steven's brother, Aaron, who is currently moving from Kuwait to Afghanistan, gave us an X-Box 360 Kinect and some sweet games for our wedding/Christmas gift. We have a lot of fun and sure make a lot of noise (sorry Andrus's). Steven really likes the new Batman game and I really like Disney Universe (we get to play together so I like that). We both really like Your Shape Evolved and Just Dance 3. Great workouts!! THANK YOU AARON! 

I have not been very good at eating healthy. I went to a Zumba class and I felt super out of shape. AHHH.. I don't think an aerobics instructor ever wants to feel like that. I wanted to start WeightWatchers .... but I haven't been very good at it lately. So.. hopefully I will start focusing more on getting back into shape and getting healthier soon. 

Steven and I are on a bowling team with our friends Jennifer and Justin and Jennifer's brother and his friend. Our team name is M&M (Melancon's and the McKell's.. get it?) We lost our first match and won our second. It's pretty fun and stress free. We're hoping to make team shirts soon... bedazzled shirts. ... haha, just kidding. 

Two of our neighbors are having babies! Our neighbors The Hallam's (Chelsea is my old roommate so we have a lot of fun being neighbors) are expecting a son at the end of May and The McNary's are expecting a little girl in March. I am going to Bethani's baby shower tomorrow and I am pretty excited!

Well.. that's a pretty long post so I hope ya'll got caught up with what we've been up to! 

This is a picture of Steven and I on our last night of our honeymoon in Myrtle Beach, SC. We decided to go out on the town and had a lot of fun. We rode a roller coaster, ate at a street Greek restaurant, went in to countless shops, and had yummy smoothies from a street vendor.
I included this picture for these reasons:
1. We are both very tan.
2. I miss my honeymoon (who doesn't?!)
3. I miss it being really hot outside.
4. I really like this picture of us :)


  1. If you live in just the right spot in Rapid City, then you might get my dad for a bishop! The wards in Rapid are SO awesome, you'll fit right in! :) Hooray for being almost done with school!