Saturday, October 1, 2011

women are so mean sometimes.

women. why are women so weird sometimes? why are we so degrading to ourselves? why do we put ourselves down so often? do we not realize that we are all SO beautiful in so many ways?! i don't get it. i am a complete victim of this horrendous act that women so often commit to themselves. i don't get how easy it is to see someone else's beauty.. and completely forget about how beautiful you are.
i hate it. i hate it when i do it to myself. i hate it when i see others do it. i hate it that i put steven through my self pity stages. i hate it when i am all "woe is me".. i hate it when i don't think i am pretty.

i know i am a unique woman who has been given sooo many talents to help others. i know that i have been given attributes and qualities that make me, me. i know that i a beautiful daughter of our Father in Heaven. i know that His children, you and me, are of the most significant importance. i know that He loves EVERYONE. seriously.. i'm not just saying that. our Father in Heaven loves every single one of us.

then why is it so.. so .. SO easy to find ways to find flaws within our bodies.. within ourselves?

i think it's satan. satan plays tricks on us. satan.. wasn't granted a body like you and me. so satan attacks us. he lurers us in in ways so specific to each individual. he tells us that we aren't good enough. he tells us that we don't need to treat our bodies with respect.. he tries to make us think that our bodies our useless, ugly, and nobody even notices us. satan uses propaganda within ourselves to let us think that we aren't as pretty as the girls on tv.

well.. let me tell you something. don't ever.. ever think that. i know it's easy.. i know i fall victim to it time and time again.. but i also know how to get right back up. recently i wasn't feeling the greatest.. i made it easy for me to put myself down.. and i am so disappointed in myself. i am so disappointed that i would put myself down so much. i feel hurt.. but it's weird because i am the name caller, i am the bully, i am the one who through words stronger than stones... at myself.

i am frustrated that i would be so disrespectful to my own body, my own image. i know that i am loved, so dearly loved by my most wonderful, amazing husband. .. and why.. why would i be so mean to stephanie? so mean to the girl that is blessed in so, so many ways?

i don't have all the answers.. nor do i have the solution to a problem that women face day in and day out.. but i do know that i hate it when i am mean to myself. i do know that i am so incredibly lucky to have such wonderful family and freinds in my life. i am so lucky that i look like me.. and no one else. i am so lucky to have a healthy body. i am so lucky to have a full head of healthy, long, curly hair. i am so lucky to have blue eyes that i can see the beautiful things in the world. i am so lucky to have healthy hands, feet and muscles. i am so lucky to have a healthy smile so i can bring happiness to other people. i am so lucky to have a brain that is functional (most of the time). i am so lucky to be a woman.. to hopefully have the chance and opportunity to carry our children and give birth to those many miracles we hope to have. i am so lucky. it's hard to say because we live in a world that promotes humbleness and meekness, which is good,... but, as a female, i think it is absolutely necessary to look in the mirror, look at yourself right in the eye and tell yourself that you are pretty... and you're not just pretty. you are gorgeous. you have soo, so much worth and soo, soo many people love you for who YOU are. be beautiful. .. and don't just think you're beautiful, know you're beautiful.

i, stephanie melancon, am pretty. i am a beautiful daughter of God. i am the gorgeous wife of Steven and i am so, so thankful to be loved by such a wonderful man. i am not perfect.. but i know that the Lord will make my weaknesses into strengths if i let Him.


  1. Not Satan sweetie. It's self esteem and sadly we women do it to ourselves all the time and I don't know why either. Maybe it's the caretaker in us where we get so involved with others that we forget ourselves.

    I just went through it myself and what is sad is sometimes those closest to us foster those doubts in us to soothe a hole in themselves. We are human and to be proud of ourselves and happy with ourselves we feel like it is selfish and full of pride or something. Like it's a bad thing. It's not. You can be proud and happy and strong and still not be overbearing.

    You rock girl, and life is a journey. Every journey is full of the ups and downs and triumphs and failures. Embrace it all, even the failures and mistakes and fights and all of it. It is all worth it when we learn from it and it all makes us rock that much more.

    Here is mine.


  2. Awesome post Steph!! We can all be are worst enemies..i know all to well myself..thx for words of encouragement!!