Saturday, February 4, 2012

burgers and ice cream

last monday, as in.. January 30th we made homemade ice cream with our friends the mcKells. it was pretty tastey.. but it was a SUPER painful process if you have any type of cut on your hand because of the salt you add to the ice in your outer bag. the water seeps out of the bag.. the salt gets into your wounds.. and ya.

but, all in all it was pretty fun and yummy. 

this is jennifer and justin eating their ice cream from the bag.

this is steven and i eating our ice cream from cups.. 
not as much risk of getting your spoon in the salty outside water! 

then today, february 4th, we went to a famous burger place here called big juds with jennifer, justin, daniel (jennifer's brother), and devin for lunch. we ordered the big jud special and shared it. the bigger was seriously the size of my head! we had to cut it in four pie sections (which made our quarter sections quarter pound burgers) to eat it.. and half of it is currently in our fridge. daniel ate a whole one by himself. kudoos to you!

seriously.. bigger than my head! 

steven is showing off the giaganticness of the hamburger.. which was pretty delish.  

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