Friday, February 17, 2012

bowling and valentines!

 So Steven LOVES bowling… in the past two weeks we have gone bowling 4 times. He even has been looking up videos on youtube to help him perfect his bowling technique. Thankfully we are on a bowling team so we get to go bowling at least one day a week!

our bowling team!

Also during the last two weeks we had lots of homework and lots of tests…. Oh the life of a college student! But… being the madly in love newlyweds that we are we for sure had to go on a hot date for valentines day. Steven took me to wingers, then (you guessed it!) bowling.. then we had a lot of fun picking out gifts at walmart… we did this all on the day before valentine’s day because (you guessed it again) we had bowling league on Tuesday night! Haha..
steven eating a cupcake at cocoa bean!
me eating a cupcake at cocoa bean
We are pretty excited to move to Rapid City, SD. Steven has decided for sure that he DOES NOT want to be a chemical engineer.. but would rather love to be a mechanical engineer… his dream job would be to work at a car company and help develop cars. He sure loves to hear those engines purr… and he knows his stuff about cars! Since we’ve been together I’ve learned so much about cars it’s nuts. I can tell you the difference between a V8 and a V6.. and no one of them is not vegetable juice. I can tall you what 22’s are and that a Ferrari needs to have a fire extinguisher in it because it might catch on fire! …. And guess what. I love learning about cars.

Also last week we went to Famous Dave's and it was really yummy. My parents sent us a gift card to eat there for valentine's day. There was a pig walking around handing out coupons and it was so cute. Here is a picture of Steven and I on our hot Famous Dave's date. .... and then BOWLING after! haha.. and we went with Jennifer and Justin. 

Here are some shots from our Valentine's date (that was actually on Monday) and the flowers that Steven got me AND made for me. He's such a sweetheart. I told him I wanted something homemade and he made me some flowers and he came up with idea ALL by himself... I decided I wanted to make him something too.. so I made him a palmetto tree (south carolina state tree).

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  1. Looks life is good Steph!!! So happy 4U!! Happy belated Valentines Day!! So you're learning bout Bowling&Cars huh? Sounds like ur getting some well rounded education..outside of school!! ha! :) Thx for sharing!! love cing pics..U&Steve are Cute Couple!!