Monday, October 8, 2012

October Visit from my Parents!!!

My wonderful mom and dad came to visit us this past weekend! I love it when they come visit our home.. which is not much, but we still love it! Mom and dad arrived on Thursday and they just left about 2 hours ago :( . But, all is well because Steven and I are going to be going home for Thanksgiving in November for a few days. We're excited for that fun vacation! It's always fun to show Mom and Dad around to the places we love the most out here in Idaho.. and it's fun to explore things we've never been too!

We took them to two of our favorite restaurants, Kiwi Loco and Costa Vida, and we showed them around Rexburg. We also went to Mesa Falls, a place where none of us have been before. It was so beautiful! You'll just have to see for yourself in the pictures.

Steven and Mom at Mesa Falls. 

Mom and I at the top of Mesa Falls. 

Dad and Steven at the top of Mesa Falls. 

All of us at Mesa Falls. 

My love and I. 

My parents a top of a gorgeous view of the falls. 

We also went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming... which is pretty much, like my dad said, rich man's land. It's beautiful, don't get me wrong, but everything is ridiculously over priced. We still had a great time. We went to this really fancy chocolate shop called Coco Love and ate some chocolates, I had a pistachio macaroon. We also went to Ripley's Believe it or Not! Museum; there's some crazy stuff in there! We enjoyed a FABULOUS dinner at a restaurant called the Garage, they had the best onion rings I've ever eaten! Then we went and looked around at some of the houses in Jackson Hole. They're really cool! In one part we were just driving up the side of a hill and the road would wind around all these crazy houses. Some of them had their garage on their roofs! It was crazy!
Beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming...about 2 hours from where we live. 

Steven and Mom on a little trail. 

This was a crazy tall tree!

Mom and Dad next to the beautiful Jackson Hole view. 

Inside Coco Love, the fancy chocolate place. 

Yummy desserts. I had one of those green macaroons! 

It was a cute little cafe. 

Our yummy treats! 

Steven standing by an elk made out of elk antlers at the Ripley's Believe it or Not! Museum.

A couch made out of a buffalo!!!!!!! (then my camera died and no more pictures :( ) 

And, even though we did have some really fun adventures, we also enjoyed some fun time just at home... playing Rummikub, watching TV, swimming at the hotel, watching General Conference (my favorite part was hearing the Prophet, Thomas S. Monson speak... he is such an incredible man!), cooking food ( I love, love, love cooking for people) and just relaxing.

Thanks for visiting! Love you Mom and Dad!!!! 

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